Terms and Conditions

By checking this box, you understand that this is a pre-order piece. It will not ship immediately and may take an indefinite amount of time to do so depending on the amount of orders. The pieces will be made and shipped in the order in which they are received. 

You understand that the chosen colors cannot be changed after checking-out is completed.

You also understand that this artwork should not be ordered for a timed event. I cannot guarantee that the piece will be finished in time for a specific birthday, event, or holiday.

Lastly, you understand that I am one person doing all this work and cannot always answer emails regarding E.T.A.s. Your order WILL NOT be lost or forgotten and I will try to do public updates when possible. Your dinosaur will ship as soon as I finish it depending on where it is in the queue. Unfriendly e-mails take a toll on my mental health and will slow down production.